Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here and so am I

So 2 days ago I started a "looking back on 2008" post but it conflicted with one of my resolutions so the post was scrapped. This year it is all about now. Living in the moment. Being honest about everything and being a little more selfish about my time. One thing I will say about 2008 is that I learned that I am the most important thing to me. I changed my life by taking my health into my own hands and proving to myself that I can put me first and magically my relationships improved with out me giving too much of myself.

SO... I resolve not to change anything but to enjoy and experience all the changes that happen. To react responsibly to life and not dwell on the past or try to plan the future. As forward thinking as this all sounds it also kinds of freaks me out. It is going to be much harder than I make it sound. But I know that this new path I'm on is the right one and although I am young, now is the best time to start learning about myself and figuring out who I am with the help of wonderful company I keep. I feel confident that all of my relationships will only be strengthened by this resolution.

And in the spirit of living now, I also resolve to stop talking so much. I often talk and talk about my plans...MY that really exists. I get so excited about possibilities of lots of things but I feel like my mouth gets in my way. There is a difference between the law of attraction and the law of annoying. So just to keep all of you guessing I'm not going to yak and yak about kind of gives away a lot of my great post material.

And finally, I resolve to love. I resolve to love unconditionally. Myself, my husband, my family members, my friends, my co-workers, everyone. Love is my religion now. It is the greatest gift of all.

Happy New Year!

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