Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wrapped up with a bow!

Well the holiday week is over. New Years is upon us. This Christmas was one of the best, I've never been so happy and fulfilled as I was to host my family for almost a week and also to get to spend some quality time with Tim's family. We got the joy of seeing his grandparents on Friday night for dinner and my belief in soul mates was once again reaffirmed. His grandparents have been married for 68 years and they still dote on each other and tell stories of how they fell in love. Their story is Notebook like, truly. Tim's grandmother pulled us aside and told us that she sees the same kind of connection in us that has helped her marriage last so long. That is a huge compliment coming from her.
**Not to mention that she is truly my fashion icon. She is in her nineties and showed up to the dinner party in a red cashmere sweater with a faux fur collar, black pencil skirt, red and silver fishnet pantyhose, and red suede 2 1/2 inch knee high boots. For realz. She always dresses like this. She says that everyday is a special event so why not look your best? I agree!!!**

What a wonderful example of truly living your life to the fullest. Tim is lucky to have such great role models in his life. All of our family on both sides are so wonderful and although we are still "young" we are realizing more and more that every opportunity we have to see our extended family is a blessing. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and is looking forward to the New Year.

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