Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yes...not so hard yet..

that's what she said... ;)

So far I've said yes to the annual Tri Delta Ornament Exchange party on Thursday, attending a block party downtown on Friday, running bandit in a 5K on Saturday, hosting a Big XII football get together Sat night, baking 3 dozen ginger cookies for my choir concert reception, and purchasing 2 poinsettias to decorate the stage at the concert.

No I do not intend to keep a running list of the things I say yes to...unless they are interesting or amusing...but just to make a point of what can happen in 2 days.

I think this month is going to be busy, but oh so fun. Hopefully all this yessing will make the month speed by so my family can get here sooner for the holidays.


MoMonica said...

yay...only 3 weeks until I see you again! I'm proud of all the things you do! I agree, too, they will help the time pass fast and make it extra fun! Love you!

yomama said...

will you move to denver, NOW? ha! still not so hard yet?