Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Say 25

This evening I sang for my parents at a rehearsal for my recital that will take place Feb 8 at 2 pm at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, in case you were wondering. I sang and sung and singed my little heart out. It was such a wonderful experience. I was so proud and grateful at the same time. My mom cried, my dad shut his eyes, and I giggled with glee. I'm pretty sure my parents haven't heard me sing since I graduated from high school, eh...6 years ago. It was wonderful.

I was inspired by my genius mother to make my recital a fund raiser for the youth choir at the church. I do not attend this church but I'm giving back to the United Methodist Youth music because if it weren't for my friend Sarah Whitton whom I bonded with singing songs from the Little Mermaid on the tennis court freshman year in high school and then had she not invited me to join her amazing youth choir at a United Methodist Church...I would never have found my voice and would not be the fabulous hobby singer that I am. Thanks Sarah.

So come hear me sing. I'm pretty good if you ask me.

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