Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Day 24

Today is Monday. I generally don't have a problem with Mondays because I enjoy my job so much but to day just stunk...literally.

List of smells I had to deal with today:
1. Sunday night's black bean soup
2. sewage backed up in the office building making my office smell like poo
3. 2 hours of close contact meetings with Halitosis Geologist
4. something in my car...ever seen the movie Sweetest Thing?...
5. OCC hearings with Halitosis Geologist
6. someone in my office wearing terrible floral hand smelled like a bouquet of lilies had thrown up all over her
7. paranoia...yes it has a smell. I forgot to wear deodorant.

That's all. Hopefully tomorrow will be less fragrant.

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