Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Day 22 & 23

I know, I know...I'm lumping days together again. I was doing so well for most of the month. At least I'm making it up and posting to account for the days instead of just skipping them and giving their existence no credit...

Day 22 we (the Sooners) beat the snot out of the over-Raided, Texas Tech was one of the most electrifying games I've ever attended. Sadly it was also the last home game that Tim and I will be able to attend as "students". This sad realizations didn't materialize till mid way through the 3rd quarter. The pouting only lasted seconds because then the Sooners scored AGAIN! OU 65, TX Tech 21...BOO-YEAH!

Day 23 was just another day that reaffirmed the direction that the Thompsinario choo-choo is chuggin in. My parental units are in town inhabiting the guest bed room and the couch after 9 pm. It is so wonderful to have them here but bittersweet too. I was so used to seeing them almost once a month if not every 6 weeks when they lived in TX. The last time Tim and I saw them before Saturday was July 4th weekend. TOO LONG. I'll let you know when the countdown to neighborship commences.
YoMama and I did do some culinary/pastry bonding and doubled a pumpkin strusal recipe that resulted in a bunt cake, a 9 inch round cake, a loaf, and 12 muffins. My real questions is, how big was the original cake supposed to be?

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