Saturday, November 29, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Day 29

We had so much fun last night. Good friends, good drinks, great photos, embarrassing arm wrestling at 2:30am at Whataburger... but I'm too tired to be witty and creative. We just caravan-ed back up to OKC with my parents and Mon & Jon. We are all watching the OU/OSU game...too close for comfort. Boomer Sooner!

P.S. - I ran the 5K in 41.29min...not really that impressive but a personal best...and working hard.


MoMonica said...

you failed to mention that you crossed the finish line with both of your sisters by your side. That was an awesome experience for me!

yomama said...

and your parentals walked the 5K just to be there with our the girls. and... you survived being the featured singing guest, sang and looked awesome and made yomama feel so proud and blessed. i was holding elise's hand while you sang. we both felt the grace.