Friday, October 17, 2008


I’m so glad that its Friday. Every morning this week I’ve counted down the days till Friday. Wednesday I was laying in bed at 7:15am (30 min after I should have been up) and said out loud "2 more days till I get to sleep in". And the same scene happened Thursday and then this morning. I’m not sure why getting to sleep in on Saturday morning has been such a goal for me this week, it just has. I’m thinking about not doing anything this weekend. No football, no social events, no nothing. Just me and Tim and Spud…hanging out doing nothing. It sounds wonderful!
I would feel a little lame missing the football game because this week is homecoming…but I’m just not in the mood. I want a weekend off. So yeah.

On another note…congrats to MoJo for getting accepted into their study abroad programs for the spring! That is so exciting. I really hope I’ll get to visit, but we’ll see with all my stuff going on.

Have a great weekend!


Monica said...

TGIF!!!! I thought it was Friday this Tuesday. I was way off my the day is finally here! Thanks for the shout out! I owe it all to my loving family who supports me (that's you).
Have a very happy weekend!
I love you!

yomama said...

how sorry are you to have missed that FOUR HOUR GAME! you stayed home and guess what.... they won!