Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the best thing about...

The best thing about being a singer is having the songs I'm learning stuck in my head. Some people might be annoyed by it, but I really enjoy it. At any given point in the day I could be humming Carmina Burana or one of the 10 songs I'm rehearsing for my recital or, thanks to Canterbury, Christmas music. I'm not enjoying having a Musicological Journey through the 12 Days of Christmas running through my head. But I must admit it is one of the most clever (cleverist?) Christmas songs I've ever heard.

Here are some samples of what I'm humming this week...


Rene sings Beau Soir...although not my favorite version I think the slide show is funny.


1 comment:

Monica said...

i know your secret muhahahah!
Those are pretty songs. I want to hear you sing them! When is your performance?