Saturday, October 25, 2008

Field Trips Are Still Cool

So every year my company goes on a field trip. One year we drove up and down I35 and looked at outcrops of rocks and talked about “the amazing geology right under our feet”. Last year we went and visited one of our rigs while it was drilling. This year we went to the Blue Canyon Wind Farm. The same wind farm that Mike Rowe visited on the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs. I LOVE that show…

Here is a website if you’re interested: Horizon Wind Energy

Whenever Tim and I are driving back and forth from Texas we always see the huge blades being shipped up I35 and now I know where they are going. It was a really interesting learning experience…but it wasn’t windy the day we went. So they were moving really slow…but it was still awesome to stand next to one of the turbines. When we see the blades driving down the highway on the flatbed trucks I always wonder how big the entire contraption is. Well each blade is 150 ft long and there are 3 blades per turbine…so it is BIG!

All in all it was a lovely day out of the office. Happy weekend!

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