Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diva of the Day AKA OMG My new BFF!

So last night...Mon night...Sara and I drove our asses up to Tulsa and back to hang out with my new (fictional) BFF...Alanis Morissette aka GOD…no really, didn’t you see Dogma? We went to her concert at the Brady Theater in downtown Tulsa as a birthday present to ourselves. It...was...AWESOME! She is an absolute genius! If I had an alter ego, as every woman should, it would be based on her music and the awesome/spirituality that is Alanis.

Characteristics of my alter ego:
Rock star/singer/songwriter
Able to convincingly head bang on stage to my own songs
Be legendary enough to point a microphone out into an audience and hear my song sung back to me in perfect rhythm and pitch…with emotion
Beautifully unique inside and out
Super intelligence
Awareness of body, mind and spirit
Communicate effectively what I feel and want
Rockin body
Incredible shoe collection
Get paid to shop

The last two have nothing to do with Alanis, but I’m still serious about them.

Half of her set was standing concert style and the second half she brought it in and sat down and jammed! I love small venues because of the intimacy. We were in the balcony and were still close enough to take pretty good pictures.

And in closing…THIS CHIC ROX!

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