Thursday, October 9, 2008

Admitting you have a problem is the first step...

So when something isn't going my way or I'm just feeling a little down I shop. My mother calls it retail therapy. It has a nice ring to it...and it is WAY cheaper than actual therapy to deal with everyday problems. well sometimes it is cheaper. I personally think all therapy or any kind, well except physical therapy if you stick with it, really only brings up deeper issues that in the end keep you in therapy longer and then when your issues are worked out you think you need therapy to cope with the small stuff...this is just my opinion. It is true for retail therapy too.

Here is this weeks inner dialog that lead me to retail therapy:

I miss my family...I should ask for a raise...when should we move to Colorado?...should we move at all?...should I stay here if my company can match my offer in Colorado?...can we afford to finish decorating our apartment?...should I go back to school?...when should I go?...I really love these pants on me!...I can't believe I can fit into these pants...I wonder what else I can fit into...I should go try on dresses at OldNavy...I have no money...I really want a cat (baby)...I need a vacation...we can't afford a vacation...I just want to go to Colorado and see the rents...oooohhh look how good I look in this is a size SMALL!??!?!...I'll take three...

and here I am again. And of course retail therapy is not covered by heath insurance. Actually under my company's new policy real therapy isn't covered until you've paid out of pocket so either way it would be going on my credit card...or in my case my GAP card. UHHH!!!

But I did get three dresses, two bracelets, a pair of really cute black and gold hoop earrings, and two pairs of chunky heeled pumps - one in purple and the other in grey...I will get good use out of them right? Actually I will. I will probably be wearing them when I go back to therapy. Funny enough I'm wearing an outfit that I bought with mom in July on my last BIG therapy session at Ann ironical...

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Monica said...

Very good entry today! (If you saw The Office tonight) you would have gotten in a lot of trouble with Jim for writing your personal blog at work...but I'm so glad you did! Your blog is keeping me from studying for my test tomorrow (thank god!)
Sounds like you got a lot of cute things today at Old Navy.. wish I could have shopped along. Size SMALL? DAMN!! You so hot you on fire, girl!
I agree about missing family. I don't even want to think about when I'm missing you from Europe (although I'm still 2 weeks from finding out if I am accepted). More than a month until I see you still.
I can't believe I have to wait so long.
We need to have sister phone therapy more often. Download Skype so we can video chat this weekend. Sorry this comment is all over the place. It's been a long day.
Love you!