Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-days of grace - eight

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you're spending time with all the ones you love. Last night Sara and I celebrated our friendship with a romantic dinner date and the Oklahoma Ballet. It was a wonderful evening! And today is movies and makeup. Don't worry...Tim and I are celebrating v-day a week late. He has a deadline for school that he has been feverishly working on.

So here is the list:

1. Nona's Creme Brule

2. Awesome people watching at restaurants for v-day dinner

:Sara and I were practically witnessing a soap opera behind us at Nona's. In the hour we were there this couple went from lovey dovey, to discussing who would sleep with someone new first if they ever broke up, to the girl crying at the table, to her confessing that she has or had (we couldn't really tell through the crying) a brain tumor. It was intense. We didn't know we were getting a show with dinner and our bottle of wine!:

3. Celebrating the fact that girl friends are just as important if not more important than our "man" friends. These relationships deserve just as much effort and attention.

4. Finally being able to enjoy watching ballet again. After so many years of dancing and quitting when I kind of didn't want to but was burned out, it has been hard for me to go to the ballet. But now I view it as warm memories and an additional knowledge about the arts.

5. Perspective - it is a valuable thing.

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Monica said...

Whoa soap opera drama. Your story reminds me of Moonstruck when the dad from Fraiser keeps getting wine thrown in his face by women who make a scene at the restaurant