Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

Apparently I've started something with these birthday posts. Making numbered lists to the amount of years my loved ones are celebrating. Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 51. I love you Dad, but my lunch break isn't long enough to list 51 reasons why you are wonderful. And besides, there are MANY more than 51!

So... in lieu of the numbered list I've compiled a list of 25 reasons why my dad is great on his birthday. 25 things because I'm 25 and it is kind of half of 51. So here we go...

My Dad, Mark, is wonderful on his birthday because he:

1. cooks a mean omelet!
2. enjoys cycling for hours and hours and miles and miles
3. has a great laugh
4. finally grew out his annual winter beard again even though it is grey. (I like the grey)
5. has been unconditionally supportive of everything I've tried, done, or talked about doing
6. is a geologist...he hearts rocks!
7. is married to my Yomama (she's pretty great!)
8. is a great listener
9. got back on skis after breaking his foot (YEA!)
10. is spiritual
11. plays the drums
12. loves to spend time with the family
13. gives good advice
14. is really goofy (it is apparently hereditary)
15. likes to help others
16. loves to learn
17. goes on campus tours with me
18. is a history nerd
19. is artistic
20. knows how to have a good time
21. knows how to relax
22. owns a hot tub
23. he taught me alot about how to be friends with men
24. was and still is my "standard" for men (Tim lives up to these standards!)
25. is my Dad!!!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you!

Photo by FrancyPants of Dad and YoMama in France last summer!


amywopsle said...

This is sooo sweet!

Monica said...

Love the picture and all 25 points. We are so lucky to have such a great Dad!