Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today has been challenging for no particular reason. I must have some kind of subconcious drama going on that is affecting my ability to pay attention.

Example #1
This morning I went into the office kitchen to get some coffee. The pot was low so I started to make a new one. I put the filter and the coffee in the holder. For our machine you have to insert the filter into this slide-y slot that holds it over the pot and press start. I just pressed start and then quickly realized that I missed a step and had to stand there holding the filter over the pot till the entire 10 cups of coffee brewed. Luckily there were no eyewitnesses.

Example #2
I open the cabinet to find MY coffee mug. Not there. Look everywhere. Start speculating about who would take it and not ask. Think about who's office I'll have to walk by and check on my way back to my office. So after about 15 minutes of being in the kitchen (including the brewing incident in Ex. #1) I choose another mug, make my coffee and return to my office. Sit down at my computer, sipping my mug is RIGHT NEXT TO ME ON MY DESK.

Example #3
This afternoon I really wanted some hot chocolate. I held off until my 3:30pm snack time and went into the kitchen to make it. Made my coco, went in the fridge to get a cheese stick, went back to my office. Eat my cheese. Can't find my coco. It was in the fridge. Cold coco is not good.

So now it is only 4pm and I'm just waiting for something else to happen. Unfortunately I'm bored at work for the first time in my short career as a LandDiva. Maybe that has something to do with my mindlessness...

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Monica said...

haha your story is very amusing! i had hot chocolate today, too, but mine was not cold. mindless days happen to everyone. best of luck with your hot drink excursions tomorrow. love you seester!