Thursday, September 11, 2008

#32 - Show gratitude daily

Although #32 – Show gratitude daily – isn’t something to “accomplish” I am feeling very gratuitous lately. Not for any particular reason. Nothing fabulous or awful has happened. I am just happy. Satisfied really. Gratuitous. I have wonderful friends who put just as much effort as I do into maintaining a fulfilling and functional relationship. My friendship/marriage is the best it has ever been. I have a wonderful family who supports me what ever I decide to do. I love my job. I just feel great.

I think part of this “awakening” – if you will – has to do with the book “The Power of Now” that I recently finished as part of my August Self Improvement. I think about the message and lessons in this book daily. I feel like I FINALLY get it. It really helped me decipher my true feelings about faith, spirituality, religion, and controlling my mind in my every day life. It is both all about me and all about my relationship with others. Energy. I have control of the energy I project. I have control of the energy I choose to let into my life. The people I hang out with. I won’t judge people for their energy, but if it doesn’t fit into my field I’ll move on.
Forgiveness is key. Immediate forgiveness. Of self, of others, of situations that I do not control and of those I do control but didn’t think through very well.

I’m grateful for my mom for recommending this book. I’m grateful for Tim for putting up with all of the “lectures to myself” that he listens to. I’m grateful for my friends and family for loving me for who I am (even if I’m really really bad at calling people back). I love you all.

Thank you.

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