Monday, August 4, 2008

if you're not hot at least you're funny...

Last night I went to see Blue Mountain play at the Blue Door in OKC with S and L and some other friends. The opening act was so incredible it made me feel inadequate. The Blue Mountain was awesome too. The guitarist/lead singer was immensely talented. He LOVED to play. He loved it so much that he made satisfied/tortured sex faces when he was doing his guitar solos. The bassist/back up singer/guitarist's ex-wife was equally good at her craft even though the guitarist was way to into himself to let her have a solo. And then onto my favorite person in the band...the funny looking but also talented drummer. He had the BEST faces while playing and while not playing. But he was cute just because he played drums even though he wasn't "good looking".

Highlight of the night: When a comment was made between songs about the bassist and guitarist being more comfortable barefoot the drummer stood up and said "well then I'm going to take off my pants!"


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