Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diva Of The Day

I love to people watch. I am always in awe of the unmatched diversity of us humans. People watching forces me to stay in the moment so I can make sense of what I am observing. It makes me appreciate the artwork that is humankind. I strive not be be judgemental or catty in my people watching. I also try not to be obvious in my watching sessions but sometimes they just make me smile.

Today I was sitting in Pei Wei, The Asian Bistro, waiting for my take out and watching the people in line...

First walked in a really cute couple with an infant. father holding their PCK (pretty cute kid), hot model looking mom holding all the baby-crap-in-tow. it took them a while to order because they were debating with each other and the cashier whether 2oz of toe food was going to be a sufficient portion for their infant...

After the toe food baby couple was a group of 6 Asians all wearing a variety of sou veneer tee shirts from Disney land. It was awesome! They seemed perplexed with the menu but I enjoyed watching them point and discuss the huge wall sized menu in their Asianese. What to order at Pei Wei is a very important decision.

Then as I was about to listen to them order my Diva of the day walked in. I shall call her Urban Sparkle Granny Diva. She was a 5 foot nothing beauty of a grandmother aged woman. She had brown valour jumpsuit pants on, brown fitted T with gold and bronze rind stone and screen printed crown pattern (resembling the Juicy Couture crown logo but i will not give credit to the brand), AND a matching hat and purse with the same logo. She was fabulous!!! If I wasn't in gym rat mode I would have totally introduced my self and told her she was my Diva of the day and asked to take a pic with her so I could post it! I hope I will achieve and will strive my whole life to be that confident and stylish until the day I expire.

Diva of the day~ Urban Sparkle Granny in line to order at Pei Wei, The Asian Bistro

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