Sunday, August 17, 2008

a great BFFaversary!

I got to hang out at the Delta Shelta today and help with rush. It is SICK how much I enjoyed it. But aside from running errands, lining up rushees before the party, cleaning the rush room and catching up with alums and members, I got to hang out with Mrs. Wopsle. She still remains as my fav person in the world that I'm not related to. (I'm related to Tim...we're married, don't freak out!) I just can't get enough of her. We are indeed two peas. And this week of Rush is our 6 year bestfriendaversary. It is the longest serious relationship I've ever been in. And one of the most fulfilling and functional. I love you Amy.

Kemp & Germ forever!


Monica Germinario said...

cute! I'm so happy for the bestfriendaversary couple!!

amywopsle said...

Oh that picture.