Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Happiness and suffering come from your own mind, not from outside. Your own mind is the cause of happiness; your own mind is the cause of suffering. To obtain happiness and pacify suffering, you have to work within your own mind.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "The Door To Satisfaction

This is an interesting thought isn't it? I truly believe it though. Most of the "problems" we face in life are a series of poor reactions or poor decisions that we have made. We do it to ourselves and we are the only ones who can change it.

I wish that I could wear a saying like this on a shirt and wear that shirt all the time! The delusion that so many people live in is baffling. Truly. Not that I'm claiming to be above it all or anything. I have my days. But when I spend a day in Woe is Me Town I often look back at it and feel sad that I wasted that time being mopey. Every day is a gift. Why waste it being sad or mad? For Realz!

That's all the deep thinking I have for the day.

On a side note: I finished New Moon last night. MMMM...SO GOOD! On to Persig. From Fictional Vampire romance to Buddhist Philosophy. I'll call it eclectic.


yomama said...

i call you ammmmmmazing. i heard a story from a guy named mark, who tried to pull your boots off in austria to try to get you to dance on a table. apparently you didn't want to... and your mother-in-law did?

Lauren Thompsinario said...

shockingly, although you only heard part of the story, that is a true statement.