Wednesday, January 28, 2009

days of grace - four

1. "well i should probably go catch the metro cause there's going to be a strike soon and i don't want them to shut it down before i get there" - monica's excuse to get off facebook chat with me

2. reading in today's Dear Abby that 30 years ago when a woman first saw a thong in the lingerie department she thought it was a jock strap for transvestites.

3. Oklahoma City looking like Colorado - brilliant white and snow covered

4. Gym dates with Tim

5. Beating Halo 3 in one week

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Ashley N said...

So I thought I had you on my google reader but realized today that I didn't. Now I do, so now I will remember to check your blog. I love this "Days of Grace" thing and I'm going to try and do it on my blog. Thanks for sharing!