Friday, December 12, 2008

I Win!

This year Tim and I are sending out holiday cards. Partly because we are just so good looking that we want to afford all 60 of our friends and family the opportunity to let us stare at them from their fridge for at least the next couple of weeks and partly because every year when we get a number of card from people it make me feel like a lazy looser. But not this year! This year I decorated the apartment, took pictures in advance to make cards, went and purchased the holiday stamps, planned the Christmas week menu, made gifts form my co-workers AND did all of my holiday shopping on-line as of today. BooYea!

So when you get our card this year please remember to think about the fact that you should probably send one to us so you can join the cool kids club of overachieved holiday spirit.

1 comment:

MoMonica said...

i'm sure that x-mas photo of you and tim came out really good. you must of had a great photographer. :-)