Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday does it make you feel?

This year I did 95% of my holiday shopping on the internet and because the experience was so WONDERFUL I will probably use this method from now on. I heart it so much because not only did I get to shop in the comfort of my office chair/couch at home, the anticipation of waiting for the packages to arrive so I can open them only to wrap them again in festive 90% recycled holiday paper for the recipient to open...made it that much more fun! I also got to avoid wasting my life away looking for a parking spot or milling through the zoo of people at the malls.

I don't really enjoy holiday shopping as much a regular shopping because I feel like I'm so rushed to make decisions then I have to wait in line for 5 hours to check out, the cashiers are all stressed out and then I have to lug around all the bags making me wish I had just been lame and given everyone Target gift cards. Shopping isn't the best part of holiday shopping; it's making lists that I get joy from. I love lists...I mean LOVE them. I probably wrote and edited my holiday gift list literally 10 times just because I could. This year I loved making the list of gifts for people and then printing out my receipt and tracking info so I could cross off things on my list. I love...I mean LOVE crossing things off my lists. The listing also helped me keep track of how much I was spending. I'm willing to bet that this year Tim and I spent the least amount of money on gifts in the three years we've been...or rather...I've been holiday shopping as a couple. Plus it was another list to make..duh.

Holiday shopping on the web makes me feel giddy...the perfect mix of laziness and obsessive listing.

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yomama said...

i am happy knowing that i may appear regularly on one of your lists for some reason. you are on my mental good karma to the sistas list daily.