Thursday, November 20, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Day 20 - Perezzies!

So I have a obsession with celebrity gossip and the celebrity gangstar Perez Hilton. So just for giggles vote for the Perezzies!

If keeping up with celebrity juice isn't your main squeeze maybe I'll be inspired to post something of substance later in the day.

Hottest HookupBiggest Breakup
Chris Brown and Riha...Hugh Hefner and the ...
Favorite JonasBreakout Star of the Year
JoeLady Gaga
Baddest Bad GirlBiggest Scandal
Amy WinehouseRaffaello Follieri's...
Best DressedWorst Dressed
RihannaAmy Winehouse
Hottest HottieCutest Celebuspawn
Megan FoxSuri Cruise
Most ImprovedWorst Trainwreck
Nicole RichieAmy Winehouse
Most DVR-worthy SeriesBiggest Box Office Blowout
Gossip GirlThe Dark Knight
Celeb of the Year
Barack Obama
Who would you vote for?
Go to to vote!

1 comment:

yomama said...

regarding these perezzies: don't know 'em, don't care about 'em, do any of these occur spontaneously in nature?