Friday, November 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Day 14

The clouds are rolling in and the temperature is dropping. Our furnace is fixed and I'm in the holiday shopping mood. Thank goodness it is getting cold tonight. It has been unseasonable warm the last couple of weeks and I need it to feel like winter outside not a confused spring day with the humidity of August but chilly mornings with lots of colorful leaves on the ground. I just love winter and the cold. It reminds me that I am a warm being and it forces me to savor every last ray of sunlight before it gets dark at 5:30pm. I feel a little more alive when there is a crisp chill in the air. I think that is why I love skiing so much. Aside from the joy of flying down a slope at admitably ludicrous speeds, I love being in the cold air and seeing my breath. I love the intimacy of peeling off layers of clothing to get into bed in just a nightie to snuggle up to my sweety and stay warm. Walking into a warm house from a cold outside has much less desperate urgency than being an uncomfortable sweaty mess in the summer and walking into the air conditioned mall only to require a cold beverage and 30 min to stop sweating before you can try on any clothing. I enjoy spring, but at soon as the first sweaty day hits I'm craving highs in the lower 40s. This is all just proof that I am a true Colorottin' through and through.
So bring it on Old Man me what you got!

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