Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Day 12 and some #32

After a day filled with boredom, broken furnaces, meetings, hunger, and blisters on my heals I walked in the front door and Tim reminded me that he isn't deaf.

I cook 6 days a week. I use a lot of spices. When we moved into our new place this summer I established a spice shelf - one 8"x8" shelf in a cabinet and now I'm at 3 shelves of that size and some random spice jars in the pantry. I'm always looking for the Italian spices or something and I'm always complaining out loud "I can't find anything! is the Rosemary, and the Paprika, and the the Marjoram...where are the dang Italian spices?!?". Today I slugged into the front door at 5:30pm, after nixing the idea of attending my Wednesday night spin class, and went to deposit my lunch containers in the kitchen. I look around and see a beautiful shiny new stainless steel spice rack with refillable glass containers. I am dumbfounded...of course...where did this come from? Is it from the maintenance guy who came to spray for bugs today? Did I buy it during a black out retail therapy session? No, on his way to work Tim saw that Linens and Things is having a going out of business sale and went there at lunch and bought me a spice rack, for 30% off! I love this man and his secret listening skills. Either he loves me a lot and is showing appreciation of my cooking or he is tired of me whining about lost spices... I choose to believe the latter.


yomama said...

okay, i'll say it: this man that skis in a banana suit, dresses ala nacho libre for halloween, hums along to oratorios and is fully capable of breaking out into a river dance at any moment, already seems too good to be true. but.... a guy that listens while appearing to not listen? priceless! is that just smart/wonderful or sneaky/wonderful? i prayed for such a match for each of the VIP women that i raised. so far, tim is what we got. talk about a tough act to follow.

MoMonica said...

I'm super impressed. That man has skillz, is not death (deaf), and has bargain shops! What more can you ask for!