Saturday, September 20, 2008

In honor of Sooner Football

Tim and I met at a party for OU football in Jan 2003.

We have been to every home football game together since. This is the last year one of us will be a student at OU and the last year we will probably be able to afford tickets for a while. This weekend is one of the two weekends of the season there is no game. So in honor of one of our first shared loves, two weeks ago at the OU/Cinncinati game we took some pictures and video...

Thinks we love about OU football...

1. Tailgaiting with friends
2. Seeing all the WT fans
3. The Boomer Sooner chant at the beginning of the game
4. Watching the cheerleaders and waiting for one of them to fall out of a stunt
5. Watching the sorority girls wear dresses and cowboy boots to stand in the
student section in 100 degree heat for 4 hours.
6. Corndogs
7. Winning
8. Watching drunk fans get WAY too into the game
9. Standing in the packed stadium with the the knowledge that 80,000+ people are
there for the same reason
10.Being together knowing that these kind of memories are ones that we will share
with our children and grandchildren

Tim standing next to our bench on campus behind the library. We had many heart to heart convos and sweet moments here in the 3 years we spent together on campus

We're #1!

It was Sooner love from the start!

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