Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Proud to be an American

Nothing makes me feel more patriotic than the Olympics. Not fireworks, 4th of July or voting for the president. I am so sad that I have an office job and can’t sit at home all day and watch all of the random events like synchronized swimming and badminton. So I’ll have to settle for the prime time events.
Last night I watch Michael Phelps set another world record and win his 3rd Gold in the Men's 200M Butterfly.

I also watched the men’s gymnastics team event in its entirety. Jonathan Horton, a fellow Sooner, helped the USA win bronze.

He was the most charismatic person on the team of all the first time Olympians. They rocked the house!! After the high bar element the stadium was chanting U-S-A in English. It was awesome to watch. I just wanted to hug all of them and get in line for the high fives after their performances.

The competition was fierce! After the 3rd rotation USA was in 1st but China came back with their strongest events being at the end of the evening. Japan was neck and neck with USA and beat them for the silver in the last rotation.


Metal Count - USA on top of China by 1 medal

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